Scope of the conference

The conference is composed of six complementary sessions each with invited speakers (40 minutes talk) and speakers selected from the abstracts submitted (20 minutes talk). 


Opening talk:EMBO Keynote speaker - Matthias Lutolf  (EPFL, Lausanne, Switzerland). 


The first session will concern the latest advances in organoids

Prisca Liberali (FMI, Basel, Switzerland)

Núria Montserrat (IBEC, Barcelona, Spain)

Miki Ebisuya (EMBL, Barcelona, Spain)

The second session will cover recent Technological advances in sensing and probing the microenvironment

Pierre-François Lenne (IBDM, Marseille, France)

Francesco Pampaloni (Goethe University of Frankfurt, Germany)

Torsten Mayr (Graz University ot Technology, Austria) 

The third session will be on novel Organs-On-Chip technologies.

Christine Mummery (Leiden University Medical Center, The Netherlands)

Claire Wilhelm (University Paris-Diderot, Paris, France)

Scott Magness (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, USA) 

Chris Chen (Boston University, Boston, USA) 

The forth session will cover theoretical approaches and modeling of the living

Guillaume Salbreux (Francis Crick Institute, London, UK)

Jean-François Rupprecht (CPT, Marseille, France)

Edouard Hannezo (IST, Vienna, Austria)

The fifth session will concern engineering of materials in terms of physico-chemical and topology control

Nancy Allbritton (University of Washington, Seattle, USA)

Nikolaj Gadegaard (University of Glasgow, Glasgow, UK)

The last and sixth session will deal with mechanobiological approaches of the living

Xavier Trepat (IBEC, Barcelona, Spain)

Valerie Weaver (UCSF, San Francisco, USA)

Emmanuel Farge (Institut Curie, Paris, France)

Closing talk:   Ana Sofia Carvalho (Institute of Bioethics, Porto, Portugal).



Don't hesitate to download the preliminary (2019) workshop flyer: MicroPhysio2020. It will be updated soon. 


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